N. E. Brown, Author

N. E Brown, Author

"I’m not a writer like Hemingway, Rowling, or Stephen King. I don’t use flowery words or phrases. I do not use words that send you running to look them up every five minutes. I do not write about the human condition or the plight of the world and its inhabitants. I’m not out to teach anyone a lesson or get them riled up about this or that injustice. That’s not my writing style. I’ll leave that to others. I write so people can read and escape for a little while from their everyday life. I’ve done my best to write interesting stories and hope those who read it enjoy it."  (Author- Anna Dorbritt ) 

While I did not write the above, I share the same writing style as Anna. Inheriting the gift of story-telling from my great-uncle, I create stories that are written to entertain.  


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20.10 | 22:02

Thanks for the lovely comments, Janice. Greatly appreciated.

20.10 | 18:19

What a beautiful website. I loved "Carson Chance" and the fifth book of the "Indignities" series is awesome, best yet!

29.07 | 14:59

Thank you, Ava. I appreciate your post. Hope you find Books Three and Four equally enjoyable. Please follow me on twitter.
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Nancy E Brown

29.07 | 12:16

Wrote about the books here